Before Riding

  • Always wear a helmet while riding! Other safety equipment, including but not limited to, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and gloves are highly recommended.
  • Don't ride in the rain! While our board is water resistant, it is not completely water proof, and may suffer damage in heavy rain.
    Hills, slippery surfaces, and heavily populated areas can make for dangerous riding because of the increased likelihood of collision, which can result in injury. BLINK is not designed for tricks. The tail is there to help you turn, and jumps can damage the board.
  • The pro mode has very high acceleration. We recommend starting with the slower modes first to get accustomed to the board.
  • Don't drop the BLINK Board too hard! You will risk damaging the battery case if you do.
  • Your board can lose power at any moment due to unintended consequences like a dead battery, radio interference, a slippery remote, or other factors. BLINK can be ridden like a regular skateboard to some extent, but you should still be prepared in case this happens!